My older sibling just started a new job after being unemployed for a while and applying/interviewing at like a bajillion places. The job pays well for the field and my sibling likes the work so far but xe complains about the schedule all the time.

Xeir schedule is like this: every workday is from 10:30 am to 7 pm. Every other week the days off are Saturday and Sunday. The alternating week xe works on Saturday and Sunday but takes off the Thursday before and the Monday after. So, still 5 workdays and 2 days off a week and it’s consistent.

This Memorial Day weekend seems particularly bad: sibling has to work Friday Saturday Sunday. Xe has off Monday as xeir regular day off. So xe doesn’t get a holiday like everyone else gets. Also xe can’t work on the Monday for holiday overtime pay either. This seems unfair. If everyone else gets a holiday but you don’t because the holiday falls on your regular day off, you should get to take off a different day too.


Now I feel like my sibling’s situation could be a LOT worse. I know some of you have it way worse. But telling xem that does nothing. Quoth the sibling: “I got a master’s degree so I could work a 9-to-5.” LOL NOPE.

The problems: working until 7 prevents xem from going to most social events, such as adult kickball league, at least half of the young professionals gatherings, and Bible studies. Working every other weekend also makes it difficult to go to church consistently (unless xe can find one that ends by 10 in the morning) or to go camping with friends. Sibling thinks that certain regular social activities are less than half as useful if you can only go half the time, because you have to put in the time to actually get to know people.

My sibling is 29 and single (and hates being single), and living in a new state after only a few months, without a lot of great friends in the area. Xe needs to get out there and make new friends and meet people. Getting more seniority at work is unlikely to help produce a better work schedule in the near term because the rest of the staff has been there like 15 years.


The one option I see is going down from working 40 hours to 32 a week, which would mean 3 days off a week. Xe needs to ask management which day of the week the third day off would be, if it would be consistent. I guess the majority of people in the office work 32 hours for some reason. Quoth the sibling, “I don’t really want to do that because I’m 29 and single so there’s no reason for me not to work a full 40.” The pay cut would be about $10,000 a year.

I’m stumped. Help my sibling be less miserable? I try to suggest looking on the bright side but it’s like talking to a brick wall.